To make something really valuable! That moves us. If this strength,energy, and this aspiration is given to us - then this isn't by chance. All natural, can be unified and directed to the creativity. Listening only to yourself is necessary. Leave "shadow" and accept the bright side - side of creation, development and purpose.

1. Development and Professionalism Each of us has to set the annual goals and reach them. It is impossible to create something valuable, without developing. We always have to work on ourselves and help the others to become better. There is no other guarantee of the provided future, than professionalism.

2. Justice Each of us has to be fair. When we make every decision, we have to consider this principle, and everyone who is connected with this decision, have to feel penetrating justice in everything.

3. Aggressive entry into the market It is better not to go anywhere, than to be"one of". Exclusiveness and rejection of competitors make us stronger. We have to create the ideas opening to us not a competition and repetition way, but the other way by means of the great creation of God - our brain -. We have to understand our exclusiveness and let everyone to understand this.

4. Eternal Innovations There can not be a progress without innovations in the information technologies sphere . Innovations have to concern not only products that we create and we will create, but also business processes. We have to distinctly see and feel a trend and not to be afraid of experiments.

5. We will be proud of Great and Fine way All that we do,subsequently will please us and we will be proud of this. Each day that we live has to come to an end with a pleasant feeling of passed step, the step that leads us to achievement of our great purpose - creation of company, in which work is an indicator of success and which projects will grant us happiness of self-realization.

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